Do you buy trees?

We do! We are always looking for Walnut 24" base log and up. We are interested and sometimes buying exceptional White Oak, Elm, English Walnut, Myrtle, Madrone, Maple and other hardwoods. We occasionally buy the once in a blue moon soft wood tree. Mostly we offer to remove at no charge ( as arborist will charge you) your tree if it is cut to a dimension we can use.

We try our best to make use of as many trees as we can but sometimes we just don't have room or time. 

Please contact us if this applies to you or even if it doesn't, who knows??

Maybe theres still something to work with!

Your site says you sell lumber per BF. What does that mean?

This is a common means of selling lumber and is easy to figure out.

The formula is Width x Length x Thickness / 144

Here is an example. 

10" wide board x 114" Long x 2" Thick = 2,200/144 = 15.277 = 15 BF x cost per BF = Cost

Terms used on our site and explanations

Air Dried -

This wood is drying in our yard. Contact us to see if its ready a kiln or your project!

Kiln Dried - Lumber which has been run through a Kiln for lumber stability. The wood is dried to an average of 8-10% moisture content.

S1S -

This means the piece of wood has been Surfaced 1 Side. This is done to reveal the grain of the wood. 

It helps the customer to see what type and quality of wood they are receiving. The piece is not flat or ready for a project at that time. Further processing will need to be done. Material will lose thickness during processing.

Flattened - 

These pieces have been run through our sander or other machines to get the wood flat. The thickness of this material should be at its final dimensions. 

Ready to Finish - 

This piece has also been flattened but may have also been sanded to 80 grit.

Additional sanding and finish work is needed but its one step closer!