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Custom Milling Services

Our Experienced Sawyers Come to Your Site

  • Burl and Grain is a portable sawmill service that offers affordable, portable milling services at your site using your trees or logs. We are located in Hillsboro, OR and serve all of the Portland Metro Area, Southwest Washington and the Northern Willamette Valley with custom cut lumber at a reasonable price.
    Our clients have many reasons for hiring a sawmill.  Some are property owners who lost a tree due to a storm, pests, or construction; and don't want to see a potential asset end up in a landfill or the fireplace.  Some are woodworkers who realize the value, and variety that comes from milling, drying, and processing their own lumber.  Whether you have a pile of logs left over from tree removal or just 1 special tree that you want salvaged, Burl and Grain can get the job done.
    We can accommodate logs up to 36" in diameter.

    Some of the possibilities include:
    Slabs for tables
    Fireplace Mantles
    Bench Tops
    Stair Treads
    Counter Tops
    Dimensional lumber (2x4s, 2x6s, Beams, Custom Sizes)
    Fence Posts
    Heavy Trailer Decking
    Wood Turning

    Burl and Grain charges by the hour for our sawmill. Our hourly rate is $85/hr with a 2 hour minimum for each job. Our travel and setup fee is $3/mile each way within 15 miles of Hillsboro, OR. Jobs further than 15 miles from Hillsboro are quoted per job. 
    *There is a $100 charge for broken blades due to embedded metal in logs