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Every day, thousands of urban trees are removed by professional tree services and end up as either firewood, wood pulp, or at the landfill. Burl and Grain was started with the purpose of keeping these unique and valuable trees out of the pulp mill. Some of these beautiful hardwoods have an amazing story to tell. Often the trees that are removed even pre-date the homes themselves.


Burl and Grain was founded by individuals who share a vision to create unique and sustainable masterpieces with this otherwise discarded lumber.

Matt Farrell

Founder / COO / Captain Farrell

A musician who once spent most of his time in a smelly van with smelly bandmates. He still plays music and some of it is less angsty but mostly the bandmates smell better. Matt brings a background of service industry and graphic design/layout, and all the other things musicians do to keep it afloat. Matt landed in Portland and started working in hardwoods 10 years ago. First by happenstance, landing a photo gig at a hardwood company, then working up to the Operations Manager while running a side job in the finish shop. Matt's experience is in all facets of the Burl and Grain operation. He is an OSU certified Kiln Technician and experienced Operations Manager, with 10 years in furniture finish work and wood production. He finds joy in all types of wood but always enjoys a good piece of Curly Spalted Maple or Spalted Oregon White Oak. Matt's favorite part of Burl and Grain is that we get to take something that could've been discarded and make it into something that could last a lifetime. He has always wanted to be part of something that ultimately makes you feel good when you go home.

Kelly Wiprud

Founder / CFO / Wings

Kelly has been a professional pilot for 14 years. He has flown commercially, privately, as an instructor and for emergency organ transplant transportation. He is part of a family of very skilled pilots and soon-to-be pilots. Reflecting on the Burl and Grain venture, he stated “If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would be part of a woodworking business, I would have said you were crazy.” So why did he get into the wood business? Like most of us, he just got the bug. Kelly enjoys seeing urban logs used for a new purpose instead of being dumped or burned. He enjoys seeing all the different types of wood as they pass from a log on a trailer to being milled and then finally a finished piece of furniture.  Kelly is always impressed with the amazing things our crew and customers make out of our wood. Currently his favorite wood to see come through the shop is Oregon White Oak. He likes its grain, color and durability. When not admiring the wood passing through the shop, Kelly likes to travel while experiencing and learning about new cultures.

Jason Poff

Sawyer / Kilns / Yard Boss

Jason made the leap from his corporate job of 15 years to land in our log laden milling yard. He made this switch because he had an itch to expand his knowledge of wood and woodworking in a more personal environment. Jason had experience prior to making this shift. He has worked on remodeling an old farmhouse, building bamboo fly fishing rods and putting together structures for his chickens and goats. He has been honing his skills at becoming a very knowledgeable sawyer. He enjoys the experience of opening up logs and revealing the real beauty of Northwest woods. He enjoys each species he gets to work with and the challenges that come with properly milling them. He might just be a bit partial to the Oregon Black Walnut we get to work with. Outside of work, Jason enjoys fishing, hunting and the outdoors. 

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